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Bringing Smiles to Your Doors

With the new lockdown period and a challenging winter ahead, several local charities supporting older and vulnerable people have come together to spread a sense of connection and care across the Borough of Barnet.

‘Bringing Smiles To Your Door’ will be a co-ordinated campaign of special deliveries of plants and bulbs and laminated pictures from nursery and school children and uniformed groups to accompany regular essential food shopping, parcels and meals.

The campaign is also aimed at highlighting the work our amazing charities, community groups and volunteers are doing to help people and to raise awareness of the support that is available locally. 


The Worshipful Mayor of Barnet Cllr Caroline Stock said:
“I am very excited about this new initiative. It’s amazing what can be achieved so rapidly. An idea that was only conceived a week ago over a zoom chat is now being launched through pure enthusiasm and building on the fantastic work and experience of local organisations.
‘Bringing Smiles To Your Door’ is exactly what we all want to achieve. People who after months of restrictions due to Covid, are sometimes sadly feeling lonely and isolated but we are highlighting that there are so many wonderful organisations throughout the Borough that are here to support them.
Acts of kindness can really cost so little – the delivery of a plant, flowers or bulbs, a phone call, a handwritten message, a beautiful drawing or the delivery of a meal can truly make a difference. Let’s all work together on Friday 13th on World Kindness Day, and during the Month of Mitzvahs to bring a smile to someone’s door”

Cllr Sara Conway (Burnt Oak) added:
“It’s so special to be part of this initiative bringing together fantastic local organisations and volunteers to highlight and increase care and connection across our Borough. Thank you to everyone who has been doing so much this year to support our local communities and for helping to brighten this particularly difficult winter. Having been involved with Mitzvah Day for several years I’m also delighted that we are able to launch this as part of their Months of Mitzvahs to fill lockdown with kindness”

Ursula Stone from The Flower Bank explained:
“Bringing smiles to your door” is about bringing the outside indoors to the isolated and vulnerable in our community during this national lockdown. The Flower Bank is delighted to be involved and indebted to Marks & Spencer’s branches at Southgate, Whetstone, Temple Fortune and Morrison’s Borehamwood for their continuous generosity and support in donating plants and bulbs. The Flower Bank would love to hear from other supermarkets who’d like to be involved in this amazing initiative.

Jenny Kossew from Joining Old and Young (JOY) said:
“JOY is all about helping older people feel less isolated by sending them a beautiful picture from a child in their area, and connecting the generations together. We are really pleased to be working with other local organisations to help combat loneliness and spread smiles and joy across Barnet this winter”.

Helen Newman, Chief Executive, Age UK Barnet said:
“After such a tough year, and the blow of a second lockdown, many of the clients we support are feeling understandably despondent. But initiatives like this, where the local community comes together to show we care, can make a huge difference to someone who feels that they’ve been overlooked. We look forward to seeing our clients’ faces light up when they receive their plants and drawings.’”

TCheryl Trott Coordinator of The Good Neighbour Scheme added:
“As a Charity that supports older people, The Good Neighbour Scheme have witnessed first-hand the fear of being exposed to a potentially life threatening virus. This has been a unique experience for many in having to depend on others for help and support. As we begin to acknowledge that infringements on our lifestyle will continue for some time we are experiencing Covid fatigue and this new initiative is a wonderful way to show that we still care.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to get involved.”

Vicky Rachel from JAMI said:
“The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live and, for many of us, has had a detrimental effect on our mental health and wellbeing. Maintaining social connections and looking out for one another has never been more important. We are delighted to be part of the Bringing Smiles To Your Door initiative. Collaboration and solidarity in supporting our community through acts of kindness will be a significant factor in minimizing the devastating social impact of Covid-19.”