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More Important Services


Where people are lonely or housebound, we may be able to arrange a regular weekly or fortnightly visit from one of our volunteers. This could be for a game of scrabble, cards or chess, a short walk round the block, or even just for a cup of tea and a chat.

Befrienders can also chat to clients by telephone if that is more convenient.

Advice and Support

We can offer advice and support in a number of ways, including:

Sign Posting

Information about other local sources of help, e.g. Barnet Adult Services, Barnet Lifeline, Dial A Ride, Home Library Service, etc.

Form Filling

We offer guidance with form filling and letter writing, such as Blue Badge applications- we take a lot of stress out of their day supplying this service. These are services we are willing to undertake. The importance of confidentiality is recognised as paramount.

Keeping Gardens Safe to Use and Enjoy

Although regular garden maintenance cannot be offered, garden clearance and tidying (to make safe) is available. This is offered to those no longer able to garden for themselves, who have no relatives or friends nearby able to help, and who find the cost of a professional gardener unaffordable. Users of the Barnet Gardening Scheme are expected to contribute to the cost, at present £15 per hour.